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“Those who have passion, sincerity & futuristic mindset will always be welcomed by Fito."

Passive component and EV battery are core elements to contribute The Fourth Industrial Revolution, whereby Fito is doing mass production equipment. Joining Fito would be a promising challenge.

Fito Preferred Talents & Characteristics

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Job Position Requirements Jobs to be Assigned Requirement No. Of Vacancy Working At
Mechanical Design - Majored Mechanical Engineering or Related Ones
- FA Career & Design Career
- Experience with 3D Design Tool
- Mechanical Design
- Research & Development
New & Fresh/Experienced Male/Female cheonan
Circuit Design - Majored Electrics, Electronics & Mechatronics Engineering
- Experience with Control Electronics Circuit Design
- Circuit Design New & Fresh/Experienced Male/Female cheonan
S/W - Experience with PLC and PC for motion control
- Software career with any preferred tool
- Control S/W Design
- Coding
- R&D
New & Fresh/Experienced Male/Female cheonan
Machine Assembly - Experience with assembly of precision machinery - Machine Assembly
- Machine Installation
New & Fresh/Experienced Male/Female cheonan
Sales & Marketing - Capability of Chinese, English or Japanese
- Career with Precision Machinery Sales
- Sales & Markeing New & Fresh/Experienced Male/Female cheonan
Production Manager - Project Managing
- Subcontractor Managing
- Manage Machine Production
- Machine Installation
Experienced Male/Female cheonan

Common Requirement : completed military service (for men), free to travel overseas.
Please call Fito HR at 041-583-5900 for more details for job application